The Corner Store Network is an artisanal coffee roastery and food preservery blending food preservation, climate action and ethical/transparent supply chains.

We’re preserving the future.

We’re committed to food, economic and environmental justice.

We put people and planet before profit.

We tread lightly on the planet.

We leave no-one behind.

We encourage regenerative farming practices, food security and increased nutrition.

We work directly with subsistence communities addressing economic and food security.

We support tree planting and community forestry in Timor-Leste as a carbon drawdown initiative.

We are carbon negative.

We love our planet, so every kilo of coffee roasted supports tree planting in Timor-Leste through WithOneSeed - an initiative taking real action on climate change while supporting subsistence communities to build local economies.

A delicious social enterprise.

The Trees!

Corner Store Network has adopted 80000 trees