Jacinto Perreira

I involved in HMI program in 2010. I like being a farmer because I love planting and I like to plant more trees in my area. I decided to be a member in HMI because we learn a lots about environment. This program give us the saplings for free to plant to reduce the carbon. Other than that we also received the incentive to help my family foe our daily live. Under the trees that I plant I also plant another local food for short term. The climate change that I experienced is very long dry season not like when I was young. Every forest forest was gone and no shadow on the way. The weather was too hot. For all of this reason I decided to plant trees and after 10 years I realize that there is a big different. The forest come back again and in my land not easy to have land slide even we have very big rain.

Here's all 470 trees planed by Jacinto Perreira.